Disclaimer! Read this, please!

This is not The Wish Genie. Our Genie answers questions. So, consider him something like a fortune teller.

This site is made for fun. Don't take it too seriously. You know, questions like “Should I invest all my life savings into that shady company that offers such amazing returns” are not to be answered with the help of the Genie, or at least you should not hold him responsible for the result!

People with access to nuclear briefcases should not use the Genie as an excuse for pushing the red button that says “Do not push!” Are we clear on that, Mr. Bush? Mr. Putin seems a little bit more intelligent, but this relates to him too!

The answers of the Genie might be harsh sometimes, but so is life most of the time.

In general, don't ask the Genie if you should hurt someone, or yourself.


GenieSays.com is a simple fortune telling site that helps the decision making process. The Genie is here to help with those tough questions that you need to answer, but don't get him very seriously. Have fun and take it easy

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